Why ERP Software Needed for Your Elevator Business

Why ERP Software Needed for Your Elevator Business

May, 2021

Several small things around us provide ease in our day-to-day life. We majorly ignore these things as it becomes part of our lives, but we could not do anything without that. One of these things is elevators and Escalators. In every commercial building, public mall, or residential apartment you go to, you will find escalators or elevators, which help carry people from one floor to another. Keeping these means in functioning conditions is always an important job. If a breakdown happens, it will create an extra load on stairs and cause discomfort to many people who are disabled.

Maintenance of these huge systems is an essential job for every mall, office. These establishments might have a team just to upkeep and connect with vendors if there are any issues. Businesses that manufacture these systems must be present throughout to their existing clients while focusing on manufacturing and sales.

As there are many processes gripped in this, a business needs to have a solution ready to manage end-to-end operations while improving its growth and sales. If you are considering a ready solution to deal with all your problems, don’t worry, NEeRP – an elevator software is got your back.


What is NEeRP, and How can it Help You?

NEeRP is a high-end web-based ERP software that helps you to perform many tasks, calculations, measurements and other functions at once. It has unique features that present accuracy in sales, the best GUI to the customers and process reports simultaneously.

NEeRP’s automated tenure calculation technique with accurate graphs of revenues and losses your company had in a specific interval via selling products or specific purchases or shares. It estimates the Profit vs. Sales ratio and shows output in intuitive graphs.

Know more about NEXA Elevator ERP(NEeRP)

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Below are some of the Best Key Features of Our Lift AMC software:

  • End-to-End Management (Machine, Cabin, Door, Cop, Lop, etc.)
  • Inward and Outword Stock Management
  • Material Inward Data (GRN Report)
  • Month-wise and minimum Item Stock report and Production Report
  • Insightful Analytics and Statistics
  • AMC and Complaint
  • Supplier and Vendor Management
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Purchase and Job Order Reports
  • Sales Inquiry and Installation Kit Quotation
  • Invoice Generation and Product Quotations

With NEeRP, elevator AMC ERP, implementing Project and Task costing components can be managed easily, giving the company management a 360° view of every project and valuations. Configuring NEeRP- lift stock management ERP will help your organization analyze all expenses like raw material, labor, inventory, etc., and correspondingly study each contract and elevator's productivity.

NEeRP is the Right Solution Your Elevator Business

The decision to buy a lift maintenance ERP system always requires strategic significance. With NEeRP, you have the perfect solution on board to back all your elevator business investment. Our solution is future-proof and has gained much appreciation from our clients. What's more, Nexa software’s in-depth industry knowledge of the escalator and elevator construction regime is proven through the many effective projects we have valued. Hence, you can be confident that our solutions have been verified to the absolute detail and have received recognition from industry experts- customers.

The meaning of digitalization is changing. It is majorly essential that the several systems interconnect, preferably seamlessly. Nexa Software and NEeRP is the right combination that your elevator business needs for providing best-in-class elevator material management ERP. We have intermeshed our lift AMC software with a unique approach that simplifies your manufacturing, sales, and after-sales processes. And help you to integrate with surrounded worlds seamlessly.