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NexaDocs is the ultimate online document management system for any kind of business.

Safe And Secure

Safe And Secure

All your data is encrypted and stored safely on this cloud based document management system. It is backed up. Also secured login and encrypted data makes it safe to access documents from anywhere. Need not worry again about losing documents while in travel. As it is paperless, you need not worry about documents falling in the wrong hand.

Role Based Accesss

Role Based Access

Manage secure login for all employees with rights assigned to them. Document access is depending upon their assigned rights. Rights will be assigned to allow viewing, deleting records. Documents can easily be shared within the company with easy assigning it to groups.

Uesr Friendly

Uesr Friendly

User friendly interface is very easy to understand and easy to use. Easily upload or download a file. Assigning documents to staff is as easy as a click.

Reduce Physical Storage Space

Reduce Physical Storage Space

Free up space used to store all paper documents. You can get rid of bulky cabinets and have a space to move around. Forget worries about taking.

Reduce Time And Cost

Reduce Time And Cost

With paperless documents save money and time. Save money on papers, printing cost, time utilized and money spent to move file one place to other whether it is in same branch or other branch.

Helps To Improve Internal Operations

Helps To Improve Internal Operations

Have all the company documents at one place. Save the time and work involved in searching for a document or movement of file within the company even into different branches. This will increase productivity.

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Why DMS is important?

NexaDocs is hosted on the most powerful and secure storage in the world.All your documents are safe and secure Amazon cloud storage.
Hosting on AWS brings cutting edge technology, safety and security to all your business.
All the documents are backed up and encrypted at destination level.
No unauthorized person or individual or system can get hold of these documents. If you by mistake deleted your document, no worries, documents are still backed up on the cloud server,relaxing you from the worries and challenges of record keeping and document management.

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