Nexa Elevator ERP NEeRP

Nexa Elevator ERP

May, 2021

Have you been working on your elevator business for long time and you feel like you haven’t gain the profit and success you deserve? Do you feel the market has been rough on you? We are finally here with the perfect scientist of the Elevator Business operations: Nexa Elevator ERP (NEeRP). Nexa Elevator is the best elevator software that helps you boost up your sales gears and take you ahead on the road called Lift Sales.

The paradigm shift in the technology has made business move to software, and we are working to make your business, our business. This is only possible when you have a robust tool like NEeRP that can get you the In and Out of your sales so that it becomes simpler to make business decisions in shorter time; being productive at the same time. Nexa elevator ERP provides day to day flow of activities through a web based application. Let me brief you some technical aspects of our tool from getting a business order to the final delivery with the customer satisfaction.

What is NEeRP

What is NEeRP?

NEeRP is a web based application. There are different toolbars associated with this software which help you do different tasks, calculations, measurements and other functions. The important feature that NEeRP presents is its accuracy in the sales and the best ever GUI to the user, in the worlds of business software. It can process reports simultaneously. NEeRP has also automated tenure calculation methods with rigorous graphs of profits and losses your business had in a particular amount of time via specific purchase or sell of products or shares. NEeRP calculate Profit vs. Sales Ratio along with its skeptical graph displayed right on your monitor.

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Why NEeRP is the ultimate solution for your Business
Why NEeRP is the ultimate solution for your Business?

NEeRP keeps the track of Lift management software. We are dedicated towards increasing the overall sales, reaching your specified targets and goals on time and most of all, making you see the clear picture of your lift business. We provide the most efficient flow of your entities throughout the process. Nexa believes in precise control. We provide you with prompt delivery at accurate time and place, hence we assure the rust factor of our customers. Our feedback logic in the application makes it understand the target, make a set of tasks and execute in time. Hence the more you are with us, the better your projects are.

NEeRP in Action
NEeRP in Action

We bring to you, as the best elevator software / ERP company in Pune, a platform which delivers the best performance by dealing with all the manual procedures. From the dispatcher who schedules and assigns, to the technical stuff like accepting and closing and finally as a service manager. NEeRP provides continuous service and maintenance for the life time of your finally built, self-sustaining business. Nexa signifies effective, efficient and innovative quality assured delivery within time, along with its budget and specifications.

NEeRP gives you the finest characteristics

  • Highly customized application to offer you fully-fledged control over micro-details according to your requirements
  • User friendly UI to enhance minimum input maximum output techniques
  • Centralized control of resources & business
  • Works on any platform to provide interoperable and scalable services
  • Easy to access as it is web based
  • Ultrafast updating to provide minimum possible time saving outputs
  • Auto backup since cloud based
  • Easy to use
  • Security through secured logins to provide cyber security
  • Easily upgradable as to provide the customer with new features as soon as they are launched
  • Integrated e-mail and SMS features to automatically generate and send the characteristics directly to customer and your team
  • Saves time and manual work as automation has been introduced with online quotation generating services
  • Reduces time for processing as well as hardware costs like printers

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